Over the past year ASCMA has made changes in our leadership structure. Effective Fall 2019, the Ambassador role has been replaced with a more traditional leadership structure where we have a President, and six different Vice President roles. Each VP also leads a small committee. If you are interested in being more engaged with ASCMA or potentially holding a leadership position in the future, joining a committee is a great way to learn more about what leadership within ASCMA looks like. Below you will find more information on the positions available and our current leadership team. Leadership Applications will be available late in the Fall and positions will follow the calendar year. If you have questions or concerns about ASCMA, please email the member of the executive team who’s responsibilities listed below best align with your question or concern. 

Gabby Burns


Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Internship: UPS (Summers 2018 and 2019)

Role Responsibilities: I oversee the whole organization. I coordinate and schedule meetings and tours and in total general coordination of ASCMA activities.

Contact Gabby with general questions about ASCMA at gnb0006@auburn.edu

Emma Heston

Executive Vice President

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Internships: PrimeRevenue (Supply Chain Finance) Working Capital Solutions Intern in Atlanta, GA; Harbert Abroad Consulting Internship in Madrid, Spain

Role Responsibilities: I assist Gabby with administrative tasks and communication with advisors, manage and oversee committees, delegate tasks and planning to other VPs and assist teams as needed.

Contact Emma with general questions or committee related questions at ejh0021@auburn.edu

William Christian

VP of Finance

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Internships: Co-Op Sourcing at Club Car LLC, Project Management Intern at Third Lens Ministries

Role Responsibilities: I create our budget and maintain our checking account and square account. I also assist the rest of the executive team when making purchases for ASCMA.


For questions or concerns about ASCMA Finances or dues contact William at wmc0017@auburn.edu

Lauren Fuller

VP of Marketing & Communications

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Internships: Georgia-Pacific, Procurement Operations (Atlanta, Georgia); Harbert Internship Abroad Program- BDP International, Freight Documentation (Prague, Czech Republic)

Role Responsibilities: I am responsible for maintaining the ASCMA website and social media pages (Facebook, Linkedin). I also create create informational flyers and send emails to keep students informed about our meetings and upcoming events. My committee will work to help me spread the word about meetings and events and help me to generate clear and concise marketing tools for our club.

For questions about Communication & Marketing contact Lauren at lef0018@auburn.edu

Jordan Hanks

VP of Membership


Internship: Synovus Financial Corporation, Sourcing and Procurement Team (Columbus, Georgia)

Roles and Responsibilities:  I work to maintain an accurate record of membership, dues and other metrics that assist the executive team in reaching members. My committee assists me in these tasks and serves as liaisons between the New Member Relations Committee and the executive team.

For questions concerning membership in ASCMA contact Jordan at jph0041@auburn.edu

Bailey Lancaster

VP of New Member Relations

Hometown: Atmore, AL

Internship: Mercedes Benz U.S. International (Vance, AL)

Roles and Responsibilities: As the VP of New Member Relations, I am responsible for contacting new members and welcoming them to ASCMA, along with being the point contact for the distribution of pullovers. My committee assists me in networking and recruiting events to inform people about ASCMA and encourage them to join.

If you have questions about ASCMA or are interested in joining, please contact me via email, bcl0018@auburn.edu.

Hamilton Hewlett

VP of Outreach

Hometown: Plantersville, AL

Internship Experience: I haven’t completed an internship yet, however I do work on the Dillard’s dock here in Auburn. This entails unloading/loading trucks and packaging/shipping products to different stores and customers.

Role Responsibilities: As VP of Outreach, my responsibility is to get guest speakers, organize tours, and  let members know about certain events that are happening on campus. Specifically with Auburn, I help with employer networking night and career fairs. I always keep in contact with Auburn staff to know what’s happening so ASCMA can be two steps ahead.  

If you are an employer or have questions about our events contact Hamilton at hmh0055@auburn.edu

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Thornton serve as the Faculty Advisors for ASCMA. They guide our executive team and assist with all sorts of tasks to keep ASCMA running smoothly. You can reach out to them with questions or concerns about the organization.

Dr. LaDonna Thornton

Dr. Tyler Morgan